Southern Cross Pyrotechnics
                                          Est 2013
                               Adelaides Finest Fireworks

"Try the rest , " Then Settle for the Best "

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

     The Creation

S.C.P was Created In October 2013 by Scott Pollock to help him follow his visions of being a nationally known and respected display pyrotechnician.Scott had been a pyrotechnician at a local South Australian display company for over 16 years conducting hundreds of pyrotechnic displays under supervision & his own licence,but realized that the loyalty he gave was not the loyalty he received so to further his knowledge & talents it was sadly time for him to move on. In 2016 he began to surround himself with loyal & trustworthy people and started creating the S.C.P vision from the ground up,join him on his journey as he evolves within the pyrotechnic industry and carves S.C.P into minds of people the world over !!                                                         S.C.P
        The future of Display                  Pyrotechnics

        Our Vision

The S.C.P Vision is to conduct top quality pyrotechnic displays throughout Australia & the world ,also to further our knowledge along the way and constantly evolve with the forever changing pyrotechnic industry. S.C.P will always be on the constant search for new age products and new ways to display them to you ,with safety being number one at S.C.P we wont settle for second best and will deliver you nothing but Honesty, Loyalty & the best quality products & prices we can find.              

           Scott Pollock/S.C.P
    Fortitudo et Honor et Fidelitas